Virtual assistants for your accounting firm

We know it's hard to run your firm and juggle all of the administrative daily tasks that don't add value. Get your time back and utilize your remote CAS virtual assistant for scheduling, data entry, processing, clearing your inbox and more. Our dedicated VA's make your support, their focus so you can get back to running your firm.

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Meet Lorna

Meet Lorna, your virtual assistant based in Cebu City. A consistent student throughout her entire academic life.

Lorna will help you with your time management, paying bills, and running your professional and personal life. Lorna works from recurring to do lists but also stays flexible to adjust to your needs. 

Lorna is a graduate from University of Cebu. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Prior to that, Lorna had aspired to work in banking and was even a part time teller during her summer break in college.

She has 2 years of experience supporting executives with complex tasks such as scheduling meetings, sending emails and providing reports on the company’s performance. Lorna also has an eye for detail and enjoys working under tight deadlines.

“I take pride in being a professional and productive worker who can help my clients get more done with less effort,” says Lorna. Her ambition to become better motivates her everyday to deliver exceptional service.

What we do?

What you get with a CAS
Virtual Assistant



Organizing meetings and ensuring the manager is well prepared for meetings. Lorna will also attend meetings and take notes.



Documenting all the administrative tasks on a neat, organized, recurring to-do list to improve standardization in the firm.


Inbox management

Screening emails and filtering for only what you need to see. Lorna can respond to emails on your behalf delete emails that are a waste of your time.


Processing and document management

Lorna can handle processing steps for your firm like obtaining electronic signatures, organizing documents, emailing deliverables to clients.