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At Cloud Accountant Staffing (CAS), we are an outsourcing business, 100% dedicated to accounting firms. We provide you with talented offshore team members in the Philippines from expert bookkeepers to experienced CPAs. Save up to 50%, straight to your bottom line.


Hi! I'm Jordan.

I'm the founder of Cloud Accountant Staffing.

Why do accounting firms trust CAS to help build their offshore teams? 

I'm also the owner of AccountedFor, a cloud based accounting firm. We are a small team of 14, including 9 offshore accountants in the Philippines.

Like most firm owners, I struggled to find onshore accountants for my team. After having four consecutive offers rejected in 2020, I was burned out on hiring. That's when I turned to offshore staffing companies for help. Although my experience with staffing companies was not a major success, I quickly realized there was something there. 

So I started building my own offshore hiring pipeline in early 2021. Now in 2023, my accounting firm has 9 full timers in the Philippines.  

The light bulb went off and CAS was born. Now I'm solving accounting firm owners biggest headaches... Finding quality people for their teams. 

The answers to all of your questions are below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost all in? Are there hidden fees?

Monthly fees range from $2k - $3.5k all in. Our pricing is flat fee and billed on the first of the month for that month's service. The price is based on qualifications and experience. We charge a one-time kickoff fee of $1,950 for search, sourcing, and equipment setup.

Will my accountant team member only work for me?

Yes. Although technically your team member is not your employee, we want them to fit in culturally as an employee. They will work for you full time. Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week. On your time zone, if that's your preference.

Can I hire part time or seasonal?

Yes, although we primarily supply firms with full time team members. Part time is a 20 hour weekly commitment. Seasonal is a two month minimum commitment.

Can I cancel at anytime?

We require a two month minimum commitment. We want firms to embrace their new team member culturally during onboarding to ensure the best chance for success.

Am I getting a quality accountant?

Yes. You can expect to get the same attitude, effort, and base knowledge that you would from an onshore accountant. It is your responsibility to train your team member just like you would for an onshore hire.

How well does my team member speak English?

We pre screen candidates based on their english proficiency and accounting knowledge and send you the results prior to scheduling a video conference interview with you and the candidate.

What about the differences in time zones?

We have staff that are flexible to work with your local time zone. If you'd rather your staff work while you sleep, we have staff that will work in line with their time zone.

How quickly can you find someone for my firm?

Filipino culture it is expected to provide one months notice to an employer before leaving. We tell firms to expect 6 weeks from making an offer to actual start date. Often times we have candidates available sooner.

What cybersecurity controls do you have in place for team members?

CAS partners with an IT services company that specializes in offshore IT for accountants. An offshore technology assessment is provided at kickoff when team members receive their new computer provided by CAS.

What if my firm doesn't use cloud-based applications?

Cloud based applications are most ideal when working with offshore, virtual team members. If you are using desktop applications/servers we can still collaborate with a cyber-safe environment.

Top talent. Top professionalism. I've now solved my biggest headache in running my firm. I'll be back to add more quality people to my team.

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